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Charter Industry News - Bus Accidents
Posted - 7/26/2011Share This Article

Today, Gov. Cuomo suspended the operations of eight bus companies in New York State effecting over 100 motor coach units. This in response to the recent crashes which have occured in the last week, not to mention in the last three months.
Suspension of operations means to suspend their Certificate of Authority to do business in New York State. Each of the eight companies failed roadside inspections at least three times in the last six months

We at Quality Coach Lines, Inc. applaud this move by the governor and the NYS DOT. Itīs time to stop the operators who are giving our industry a truely bad name. All of the charter motorcoach operators in Upstate New York have a fine reputation for the good equipment they put out on the road and the attention to servicing them that goes behind it. Yes, breakdowns do happen even with the newest buses. However, attention to detail and operating safety behind the wheel is paramount at all times. Passenger safety is number one always. No operator wants to have a problem out there on the road.

We are not one of those operators sidelined. Nor was any other Upstate/Central New York Motor Coach Operator.

Our drivers are backround checked via the New York State DMV - Article 19A system. They go through the annual and biannual testing necessary to be 19A Certified. Itīs a must at Quality Coach Lines that each driver be certified and compliant.
Driver motor vehicle records are reviewed every six months to be certain they are operating safely, even with their own private passenger cars.

We thank all of our customers and our future customers for their support and business. Feel confident that our equipment is "Top Notch" as well as our drivers and their capabilities.
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